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It is a well know fact that food related businesses will have surplus food that could be going in the bin - over 30% of food actually goes to waste!


We want to reduce food waste, and so we will creating and selling ‘Surprise bags’ when we have products that are close to their sell by date.

You won’t know what these bags contain until you have collected them

(its all part of the fun) .

These bags will be on sale for £5, but we can guarantee the RRP of the entire bag will be £10+


You will have to keep an eye on our social media as we will announce when we have these on stock. They will not be a certain day or time for these announcements as we will only be creating these bags if there is surplus food.


These bags can be purchased on the website (we will only have a limited amount so they are bought on a first come first served basis) … then these will need to be collected between 3pm-4pm on the SAME DAY.

It is your responsibility to collect at the correct time, and if you fail to do so we will not

replace the surprise bag for you.


The bags may contain a mixture of any of our products (including sweet and savoury)

Please be aware that if you have allergies, these bags may not be suitable for you as we cannot guarantee certain products.

Surprise Bag

£10.00 Regular Price
£5.00Sale Price
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